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You are about to discover a 3D Virtual Reality technology that enables you to walk around inside your computer screen with other people from all over the globe.

Not only can you interact and chat in real-time, you can build near anything in 3D that your mind can conceive.

Near anything is possible with our 3D Technology!

Our amazing 3D Virtual Reality environment can be used for eCommerce, eLearning, Business to Business applications or to just simply have a whole lot of fun in our online community to chat with friends and meet new people.

For the individual user, we offer a 100% completely Free entry to a wide array of abilities and interactivities, including the ability to test out your skills at building 3D structures in our 3D School, Freedom, and DestinyU worlds. If you can copy and paste you have all the knowledge required to create the most amazing 3D interactive realm ever found, it's that easy to do.

You can duplicate a real-life building or town, build the house of your dreams, attend real-time eCourses, trainings and presentations, walk through the shops in our 3D Mall, attend a 3D Virtual Concert with musicians and artists from around the world, and even create your own private 3D Home World to invite your friends and family to chat, play around, and meet lots of new friends from the farthest reaches of the globe.


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